Financial Modelling

Investing, Raising, Forecasting, Reporting - Modelling Does it All

Financial Modelling is the foundation upon which the Energy industry is built. Initially from auction bids and investment decisions through financings and construction to operating and reporting, Financial Modelling is at the heart of every Energy project and Energy business. TCEF can bring wide ranging experience to help you at any point of this cycle.

Financial Model Services

  • Financial Model builds for projects or businesses
  • Financial Model review
  • Financial Statement forecasting
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Assumptions reviews
  • Route-to-market scenario modelling
  • Power Price procurement, testing and modelling
  • OFTO sale forecasting
  • TNUoS cost forecasting and sensitivities
  • Debt covenant reporting
  • Debt agent management
  • Debt model audit appointment, engagement and management
  • Operations modelling, forecasting and reporting
  • Investment modelling for IRR, NPV and DCF
  • Valuations and impairment reviews
  • Tax and Accounting Modelling

Need Financial Modelling Support?

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